Digital Marketing Certified Masters Training
GSET (Guaranteed Self Employment Training) (340 Hours)

Course Overview

Under this course students will learn about maintenance of a systematic technical record of the data, analytics, and other digital engineering resources. This course will prepare students to develop a successful own digital marketing strategy and marketing campaign.

Who Can Enroll ?

This Course is created explicitly for:

  • Scholars
  • Sales and marketing people
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs

Course Module

This course will cover the below mentioned topics in the duration of 340 hours.

Marketing Fundamentals
  • What is Marketing?
  • 4 P’s of Marketing
  • Why is marketing important?
  • Need for Marketing for any business.
  • Marketing methods.
  • Internal & External components for the marketing environment
Fundamental of Sales
  • Selling methodology
  • Difference between sales & marketing
  • Selling Equation
  • Image & Sales Process
  • Psychology behind sales
  • Buying & Selling Process
Introduction to DM
  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Digital vs Traditional marketing
  • Effectiveness of digital marketing
  • Various verticals of digital marketing
  • Scope & Opportunities for digital marketing
  • Job Roles & Designations
Introduction to Digital Platforms
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Email Marketing
Introduction to Search Engines
  • What are Search Engines?
  • What is a Web Browser?
  • Search Engine workflow
  • Evolution of Search Engines
  • SEO Vs SEM Overview
Website Planning & Creation
  • Understanding website elements
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Learning Wordpress
  • Wordpress Dashboard Walkthrough
  • Theme Selection
  • Create your first webpage
  • Adding content to your site
  • Working with plugins
  • Fundamentals and Nuances of designing
Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Introduction
  • Search Engine Ranking Factors
  • Anatomy of Search Results
  • Keyword Research Basics
  • Optimize your content
  • Checking SEO Traffic in Google Analytics
Google Search Console Walkthrough
  • Adding a Website Inside Search Console
  • Setting Up the Preferred Website Version
  • Fetch as Google for Quick Indexing
  • Security and Malware Prevention for Good SEO
  • Search Analytics and Keyword Analysis
  • Crawl Data, Sitemaps and URL Parameters
  • Other Resources in Search Console
Google Analytics
  • Introduction to analytics
  • How google analytics works
  • Accounts, profiles, user navigation
  • How to connect google analytics with website
  • Basic metrics
  • Traffic sources
  • Direct, Referring and search traffic
  • Understanding bounce rate, uniques visitors, sessions
  • Geographic and language information
  • Reports
On-Page SEO
  • Webpage Basics - HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Publishing your first BLOG
  • HTML Tags for SEO
  • Optimizing your Title, H1 & Meta Tags
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Keyword Usage
  • Crawling, XML,HTML Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • URL Architecture
  • Ideal Content-Length for Good SEO
  • LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Index)
  • Plagiarism check
  • Page Redirects
  • Schema & Markups
  • Negative On-page SEO’s to avoid
  • Keyword Stuffing is a disease!
  • On-page SEO best practices
Off-page SEO
  • Understanding Off-Page Optimization
  • DoFollow and NoFollow Links
  • High-Quality Backlinks with Guest Posting
  • What are Backlinks and their significance?
  • Link Quality & Link Juice/Equity
  • Dofollow vs Nofollow links
  • Anchor Text and its types
  • Anchor Text Diversity
  • How to Build Backlinks
  • What are the different platforms for blogging?
  • How to find blogs for commenting using "footprints"
  • How to find if they are dofollow or nofollow.
  • How to craft comments to get accepted and approved
Local SEO
  • How to Add a Listing on Google My Business
  • How to set up Schema Markup for Local Businesses (NAP)
  • How to find and get citations
  • How to get reviews and social signals
  • How to get social signals
  • Scaling Search Traffic with Long Tail Keywords
Search Engine Marketing
  • Understand the mechanics of paid search ranking.
  • How does SEM Auction works?
  • Create a search engine marketing campaign and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Recommend changes that will improve the campaign’s conversion rates.
Online Advertising
  • Understand the various methods of online display advertising.
  • Create an online display ad campaign and measures its ROAS (return on ad spend).
Online Reputation Management
  • Implement online reputation management tactics to improve the online reputation of a Brand.
Introduction to Social Media
  • What is social media
  • Effectiveness of social media on any business
  • Various verticals of social media
  • Content as a foundation of social media
  • Psychology of social sharing
  • Building shareable content
  • Creating a successful social media strategy
Facebook Marketing
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Why marketing on Facebook
  • Facebook terminologies
  • Facebook AIDA concept
  • Profiles vs Pages vs Groups
  • KPI’s to measure success
  • Connect with your Facebook audience
Facebook Pages
  • Why Facebook page?
  • Setting up your first business page
  • 7 ways to get likes
  • Manage roles in your Facebook Page
  • Understanding Publishing tools
  • Create your first Facebook post
  • Right ways to use hashtags
  • Instant Articles
  • Walkthrough the Facebook Page settings
  • Best practices to optimize your Facebook Page
Facebook Ads Manager
  • Understanding Ads Manager
  • Create your first Facebook Ad
  • Different types of ads
  • Understanding split testing
  • Significance of campaign budget optimization
  • Deep dive into custom & look-a-like audience
  • Understanding Facebook Pixel
  • Understanding Location & Demographics
  • Target the audience with the right interest & behavior
  • Facebook Ads placement
  • Targeting Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Write ads that sell
  • Create a Lead generation ad
  • Different types of ad formats and their significance
  • Understanding Facebook Insights
Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • ChatBot Creation
  • Creation of Chat Flows
  • Collecting Leads
  • Integrating With Email Marketing tools
Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing Overview
  • Types of Instagram Account
  • Setting up your Instagram business account
  • Navigating through the settings
  • Optimizing your Instagram business profile
  • How to write the right Bio
  • Crafting an Instagram content strategy
  • Significance of hashtags
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram
  • Instagram Ads
  • Analytics & Measurement
Linkedin Marketing
  • Understanding Linkedin
  • Overview of the B2B sector
  • Sales navigation through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn for personal branding
  • Brand marketing on Linkedin
  • LinkedIn company pages
  • Build a brand presence on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Linkedin Insights
Pinterest Marketing
  • Why use Pinterest
  • Pinterest for business
  • Pinterest terminologies
  • Create a Design - boards, pin
  • Leveraging rich pins
  • Create a business profile
  • Model influencers
  • Pinterest Profile SEO
  • Claim your website through Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest ads work
  • Pinterest marketing best practices
  • Analytics & Measurement
Twitter Marketing
  • Why Twitter and its usefulness
  • Understanding Twitter terminologies
  • Twitter marketing for brand awareness
  • Twitter marketing for influencers
  • Microblogging with twitter
  • A business account in Twitter
  • Significance of hashtags
  • How to get followers on twitter
  • Share your tweets
  • Get more retweets
  • Twitter ads campaign fundamentals
  • Measure your success through analytics
Youtube Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Youtube Marketing
  • Setting up a channel
  • Subscribers hack
  • Drive traffic to your channel
  • Find keywords for your videos
  • How to verify your account
  • Youtube terminologies, cards, end screen
  • Youtube broadcasting
  • Monetize your videos
  • Analytics & Reports
Email Marketing
  • Introduction to Email-Marketing
  • Setting up an Email Marketing Machine
  • Types of Emails
  • Setting up an account on MailChimp & GetResponse
  • Email contact strategy template
  • Email Template Model
  • Creating an Email List
  • Route-map to grow your email list
  • Email Marketing best practices
  • Event triggered emails
  • Create your first email marketing campaign
  • Report analysis and campaign’s success measurement
  • Email automation overview & benefits
  • How email automation works?
  • Choose the right automation platform
  • What are workflows & how to create workflow
  • Simple automation function with mailchimp
Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing & its purpose
  • The affiliate business model
  • Market vs Target market vs Niche market
  • How affiliate marketing is beneficial for a business & individual
  • How to Find Buyers & Get Buyer Traffic
  • Physical Products - Proven Framework to Find Profitable Affiliate Products
  • Digital Products - Proven Framework to Find Profitable Affiliate Products
  • How to Get Approved by Any Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools for Super Affiliates
  • Reviews & Comparisons Strategy To Get Buyer Traffic
  • Video Affiliate Marketing on YouTube
  • Powerful and Proven Email Marketing Strategies
  • Build High Converting Email Captures
  • Inside Commission Junction (
  • Inside Amazon Affiliate Marketing System
  • How to Prevent Getting Banned from Amazon Associates Programs
  • Understanding the right methodology to do affiliate marketing
  • Business offering affiliate marketing
  • Resources required to become an affiliate
  • Finding related keywords
  • CPS vs CPA
  • Top affiliate marketers in the market
  • Route-map to do become a successful affiliate
  • Segregation of affiliate marketing, mobile & web
  • Affiliate marketing channels & content
  • Relationship & List building
  • Increase Conversion
  • Lead Magnets
  • How to generate leads in affiliate marketing
  • What is pillar content and cluster content
  • What is profit content and non profit content.
  • How to interlink content to get the best SEO results.
  • Content types ideal for niche affiliate websites.
  • How to get quality content written and promote it
  • Scaling For Profit
  • The Facebook Ad Method to Build an Email List at Low Cost
  • Promoting Affiliate Links via Google AdWords
  • 10K Per Month Challenge - Winning Content Strategies for Niche Affiliate Websites
Content Marketing
  • Forming a Mission Statement
  • Deciding How You’ll Use Content Marketing
  • Selecting a Niche
  • Identifying Your Unique Propositions
  • Identifying a Target Audience
  • Getting your message into the media
  • Forming a Core Message and Secondary Messages
  • Creating and Using an Editorial Calendar
  • Establishing an Online Footprint, Starting with a Blog
  • Writing for the Web
  • Performing a Competitive Analysis
  • Understanding the Importance of Images, Audio, and Video
  • Collecting Content Ideas
  • Setting Up Google Alerts
  • Generation of content ideas using social media, newsjacking, brainstorming and mind
  • mapping, and keyword search
  • Building Your Brand
Content Promotion
  • Mapping Your Customer Journey
  • Different Variations of Content
  • Different Formats of Content
  • Content Repurposing
  • Content Distribution - Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Distribution - Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Guest Posting, Comment Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Measuring Effectiveness of your Content Marketing
  • How to Create a Content Calendar
  • Content Marketing Career Prospects
Additional Modules
  • Case Studies
  • Assignments on Case Studies
  • Google Digital Ads Fundamentals training + certification
  • Google Digital Garage training + certification

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Eccentric Curriculum for Upskilling Students

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  • Training covers over 50 different learning modules
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  • 340+ hours of practical hands-on experiential training to learn and efficiently use paid & free digital marketing tools and platforms.

Learning Outcome of Masters in Digital Marketing Course:

Under this course the students will learn about:

  • Effective Google ad campaigns
  • Website enhancement to breed more website traffic through organic or non-paid resources.
  • Maintenance of online presence through all social media platforms.
  • Broadcasting themselves as "Digital Marketing executive/expert/specialist."

Job Opportunities for Masters in Digital Marketing Course:

Masters in Digital Marketing makes you eligible to compete for the below mentioned positions:

  • Digital Marketing consultant.
  • The Marketing Manager
  • The Brand Manager
  • Business Analytics Specialists
  • The Web Designer
  • Search Expert
  • Mobile Marketing Expert
  • Email Marketer
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Online Content Developer

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