Project Management Institute announced change in Project Management Professional (PMP) exam content, let's have a look.

PMP® Exam is going to change from 1 July 2020

PMI® has already announced that PMP® exam is going to change by July 2020. They have also released the new exam content outline which will come into effect from July 2020.
Important Dates to remember
Last Date to take the current version of exam 30-Jun-20
First date to take the new version of Exam 01-Jul-20
Let's have a look… Every 3 - 5 years, PMI® conducts exhaustive research to understand how the project management profession has progressed, the impact of emerging trends, and how the responsibilities of project managers have changed. Based on that research and also the Subject Matter Experts from leading organizations around the world have defined the PMP of the future.
Why is the PMP exam changing? Project management professionals need more diverse skills and approaches than ever before. Latest PMP® Exam content change occurred in 2015 and after that PMP exam content is based on 5 domains. The below table describes the 5 domains and the percentages of items on Test.
Current PMP® Exam content
Domain Percentage of Items on Test
Initiating 13%
Planning 24%
Executing 31%
Monitoring and Controlling 25%
Closing 7%
Total 100%

The important thing is that, PMP exam change does not mean that, PMBOK® Guide also going to change. Exam will be still based on PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition which was released In September 2017. PMP exam content was changed previously in 2015 and again it is going to be update in July 2020 with new exam content. New PMP® Exam content In this new PMP® exam content half of the examination will represent predictive project management approaches and the other half will represent agile/hybrid approaches. Predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches will be found throughout the three domain areas listed below and are not isolated to any particular domain or task.
Business Environment
People Emphasizing the skills and activities associated with effectively leading a project team Process Reinforcing the technical aspects of managing a project. Business Environment Highlighting the connection between projects and organization strategy. What is Domain, Task, and Enabler? PMI® simplifies the format of PMP® Examination Content Outline for better understanding and interprets by the following Role Delineation Study. Domain Defined as the high-level knowledge area that is essential to the practice of project management. Tasks The underlying responsibilities of the project manager within each domain area. Enablers Illustrative examples of the work associated with the task.
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