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The activities of a business or a non-business organization can be grouped into two categories: one, process, and two, project. Process refers to an organization’s regular functions such as manufacturing, factory maintenance, sales, and customer support.

In contrast, project is a temporary activity that an organization undertakes to achieve a unique value or a result. In business context, the unique value can be measured in terms of time, cost, and quality of performance. For instance, it could be the development of a new product that is faster, cheaper, and better.

Project Management Discipline

Unlike a process, projects have a start and end date. The art and science of planning a project, its outcome, allocating financial and human resources, design of workflow or methodology are part of what is known as project management. Project management consists of five process areas. They are: initiating processes, planning processes, executing process, monitoring & controlling processes, and closing process.

However, industries and organizations follow different approaches for these processes. For instance, one particular approach may insist on daily review, when it comes to monitoring & controlling of a project and another approach may wait till a milestone is achieved.

Project Management Professionals

Organizations create exclusive job positions for project management or the management of schedules, tasks and resources. Portfolio manager, project manager, project director, and project executive are some of the job titles in project management.

The primary responsibility of a project management professional is to create strategies, plan operations, and execute projects. The professionals are expected to have a strong project management knowledge, experience, training and skills in using project management software.

Our Courses

If you are an engineer, consultant, analyst, project management architect or developer, a project management course from Synergy can add incredible value to your job. Check out the Project Management courses suitable for you:

  • Agile Certified Practitioner Preparatory Training
  • CAPM Preparatory Training
  • PG Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  • Master Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  • Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  • Foundation Program in Project Planning and Management

In addition we offer coaching for Project Management Professional, a credential from Project Management Institute, and Project Management Expert, a unique project management concept and software course from Synergy.

Why Synergy?

Synergy is India’s premier institution for project management. It is also the world’s largest Registered Education Provider of Project Management Institute, a global professional body of project managers. We cover PM Book Of Knowledge, standards and regulations set forth by ISO for project management, general management skills and project environment management.

Our course materials pertaining to world’s leading project management software are vetted by developers, industry and expert consultants. Our trainers are experienced and certified project management consultants. We provide project management training in well-equipped classrooms.

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  • Thanks for the wishes! I want to add value to the fact that I cleared the PMP certification in the first attempt itself. The credit certainly goes to Synergy who was the facilitators to have helped me realize my dream. After all the hard work and guidance, I am delighted to be a PMP certified project manager now.

  • I am writing this letter to thank you and your diligent staff in arranging and conducting a highly successful and well-coordinated PMP Contact Class. The classes were highly instructive which were conducted in the most professional manner. All the students of the course unanimously felt that the course was very fruitful and it was very well-executed by the faculty and staff of Synergy. We wish Synergy the best of everything for all the future endeavors.

    Prasanth G panikar
  • I would like to express my sincere thanks for giving confidence and consultation throughout the course at synergy.

    Synergy materials were the easiest way for a quick recap and i would stress the reading and practically implementing of the PMBOK in all the aspects of project management.

  • I have got through my PMP Certification examination yesterday. Thanks for all the support extended in arranging the classes as well as the support materials, especially the mock exam which was very useful.

    All the best to the Synergy Team & wishing all of you good luck.

    Ramkumar.R,Manager - Technical
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