• I am thankful to Synergy institute for helping me get acquainted with Primavera. It is one of the best institutes in Baroda for receiving project management training. Faculty plus staff is outstanding and cooperative. They moved through the course modules ensuring that no one in the class fell behind. They taught me primavera with all the tools and modules which is going to help me in my future.

    Dhawal Panchal
    Synergy Vadodara, Gujarat.

  • Synergy transformed my life and trained me in the best way. I joined this institute to learn MDOA, and must admit joining this institute was the best decision. Since I was more inclined towards accounting and finance, so synergy institute customized my course and helped me build a strong base in understanding the concepts of MS Excel, Tally, and ESDP. All the faculty members are very cooperative. I would recommend all the students to join Synergy institute to give their career a productive boost

    Babita Singh
    Synergy Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

  • I join Synergy to do Advanced Excel course. I am glad that I chose this Institute for my training as it not only made my basics strong and clear but also showed me the practical application of Excel in the corporate environment. With practical teaching and professional guidance, I received detailed knowledge that made me industry-ready.

    Synergy, Indore.

  • Earlier I had little or no knowledge about MS office. Upon taking up this course from Synergy Business School my understanding and knowledge in MS office and advanced Excel increased manifolds. All staff members are amicable and supportive. The faculty is very sincere and dedicated. They triggered my learning pursuits and motivated me to perform better. So far, my experience with Synergy is unusual and shall recommend all to come and join SBS to learn their desired course.

    Purvi Tripath
    Synergy Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

  • I joined Synergy’s Advanced Session Classes for the development of business skills. All the staff members were very cooperative and helpful. Whenever I faced any problem, they were always upfront to help. Training mode was very good as trainers gave practical examples relevant to the topic of discussion. Quality teaching, timely assessments, and regular feedback improved my skills and escalated my knowledge. I would recommend everyone to join Synergy Institute.

    Adv - Excel, Synergy Indore.

  • "Synergy provides an excellent opportunity for learners to enhance their skills and capabilities"

    I enrolled myself at Synergy to get foundation and advanced training in Oracle Primavera. I must admit that choosing Synergy as my training partner was the best decision. The courseware provided is up to date, and the faculty is also very cooperative. To me, synergy is like a learner’s paradise which imparts the best knowledge. I would recommend every student to choose synergy to get technical training.

    Synergy, Thiruvanmur

  • Joining Synergy for PMP training was my best decision

    After completing B.Tech in Civil Engineering, I joined Synergy School of Business Skills, Madurai to get professional training in Project Management and Planning. I am glad that I chose Synergy as my training partner, as the institute not only provided me with technical training but also enhanced my interpersonal skills. These skills helped me get the job of an Estimation Engineer in a leading construction company.

    Thank You Synergy for providing the best training!

    Shubham Sawant
    Student - Synergy, Madurai

  • Learning acquired through "Professional in Project Planning and Management using Primavera" was highly beneficial for me. Books were complete source of information, easy to understand, and self-sufficient to gain knowledge regarding the subject. Guidance provided by the trainer was irreplaceable and I would recommend the institute as it gave a kick-start to my career.

    Vivek Jacob John
    Professional in Project Planning and Management using Primavera
    Jayanagar, Bangalore

  • Course of "Master Diploma in Project Planning and Management" at Synergy add special skills to new the graduates who are to enter the corporate world. I could sense the enthusiasm among the trainers and ability to teach students with practical examples is worthy. I would like to thank Synergy to set a strong foundation in beginning of my career.

    Nawaz Khan
    Master Diploma in Project Planning and Management
    Jayanagar, Bangalore

  • I am new to the field of Project Management as a fresher. The course introduced me to the concepts of Project Management, and helped me understand the scope and software for Project Management. The training staff is good and highly cooperative. They clarify all doubts of the students giving real time examples. The course helped me to learn and master my Project Management Skills.

    Mohammed Shafith
    Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (PME)
    Jayanagar, Bangalore

  • Synergy offers an extremely healthy environment for students to learn management skills and its related software. The institute helps candidates to acquire valuable knowledge and understanding about project management concepts through powerful course material and highly supportive staff.

    Sai Dinesh
    Master Diploma in Project Planning and Management
    Jayanagar, Bangalore

  • After completing Synergy course on "Diploma in Project Planning and Management using Primavera P6", I got an amazing opportunity from Oracle Primavera P6 to work as a Project Manager at Kunal Structure India Private Limited (an AAA class Government Project Construction Company). The course also helped me to manage cost control and time limit criteria. I want to thank Synergy for offering an excellent corporate level support that helped me to grab this opportunity. I would also like to thank Dhirendra sir along with other staff members of Jamnagar centre.

    Hitesh Dave
    Master Diploma in Project Planning and Management
    Jamnagar, Gujarat

  • I sat for the exam at the prometric centre at Joliet, Illinois of USA on 23.08.2016 during my tour to USA and passed the exam, thanks to the fullest support extended by Synergy in Mylapore, Chennai. I should record here the great motivation and support provided by all staff at Synergy right through my preparations for the exam. It was a great learning experience!

    K Sekar

  • Synergy provides for a very pleasant environment which is flexible enough to cater to an individual's specific requirements. The faculty and the non-teaching staff both are supportive as well as friendly in their approach. They put their best foot forward to see to it that they impart knowledge with perfection and to the satisfaction of the learner. They provide the best to help achieve only success and progress to each one and everyone.

    Project Engineer - Klassic Construction Pvt Ltd.

  • Synergy is the best place to add values to one's profile and one of the best guide for putting the processes aptly to the right projects.Many of my friends already had Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification and I was also on the look out for a best place to get the same. My search ended at Synergy, which has a good infrastructure, reputation and the required legitimacy. I became more clear and confident after appearing for the mock exam and solving the questions in the study materials given by Synergy. I cleared my Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification with flying colours and the whole credit goes to Synergy. I wish Synergy al the best and request them to spread this noble initiative of adding to the professional growth of young aspirants far and wide. I would always like to a part of all the new initiatives, programs, and seminars organised by Synergy in future.

    Software Delivery Manager - Usbeveragenet.com

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  • I sincerely thank Synergy for their continuous support, inspiration and support. The initial thought taking up the Project Management Professional (PMP)® course came through as a development in the career but after joining Synergy got enlightened about the relevance of the certification and the future scope attached to it. Every student's specific needs are rightfully met at Synergy. The cordial communication, welcoming ambience and amicable staff all add to the smooth movement of the courses and learning. The trainers at Synergy are very polite and understand the individuality of each and every student and guide them accordingly.

    The mock exams are structured in such a way that it boosts up the confidence levels of every student. The exclusive course materials, like a reference book on synergy and the PMBOK covers all practical and theoretical aspects of the subject with ample scope for practice and revision of concepts learnt.

    Synergy has put in unending efforts to train, groom and motivate the aspiring lot of Project Management Professional (PMP)®. I wish Synergy and its team good luck in all its future endeavors to show and guide the right path to the future successful professionals.- Arun. M

    Arun. M
    ETCL ENGINEER - Cameron

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  • CADD center has provided us with all the necessary support and guidance specifically required for the relevant course. CADD center is the only place where they focus on positive results rather than blindly following the herd.

    Sai Sangeet Chandran

  • You are really a class apart from the crowded REPs in town. I recommend your Project Management Professional (PMP)® preparatory programme to my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for all your support.

    Ashwini Keerthikaa N
    ETCL ENGINEER - Cameron

  • Synergy´s Exam Portal - Bench mark had been really useful for my Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam preparation. The constant practice on the portal has not only driven me to success on my first attempt in Project Management Professional (PMP)® examination, but also helped me securing high proficiency in most knowledge areas. The portal has a facility to practice the questions either by Knowledge area or by Process Group and it was more ofa realistic simulator for the exam. Scoring more than 75% in Synergy´s Exam Portal consistently can assure one´s success in Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam on their first attempt.”

    Senthil Kumar Palani
    Project Manager - Danfoss

  • It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I have passed my Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam today. The guidance and Benchmark questions given at Synergy really proved to be fruitful.


  • This is to inform you that I have successfully completed my Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Yesterday.

    I would like to thank all of you for the change and the immense help that I have received without which this would not have been possible. I feel that the questionnaire supplied by Synergy, was exhaustive and very much related to the original Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam

    Project Manager - M N Dastur

  • The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is an irresistible opportunity for every single aspiring project manager. Thanks for all the support and guidance provided by the team of Synergy for the successful completion of my Project Management Professional (PMP)® examination, I have gone through the questions in Benchmark exam portal it helped me a lot in facing the exam.

    Thank you once again for all the support.

    BiswaRanjan Acharya
    Project Manager, Vox Spectrum

  • I have undergone Tally Training at Synergy School; I am completely satisfied with the coaching provided and it has proven beneficial to me exceptionally. The trainer helped me to understand the concept and I was able to work comfortably in Tally. The infrastructure provided by Synergy School is amazing.

    A AzraaFathima

  • I´m Aishwarya, I completed successfully MS OFFICE in the Synergy school of business skills. The trainer gave me an exclusive training in MS WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT. She clarified all the concepts with examples which added to the clarity. The tests verified my learning and further added to the already gained knowledge. I felt free to ask for doubts whenever I needed to, which has now enabled me to have a complete understanding adding to the efficiency at work. Thanks to all the support and guidance extended by Synergy.

    Aishwarya M
    MS Office

  • The ESDP training was well organized which helped me understand the concept of competitive skills and also to be confident in applying this skill effectively. The trainer taught me well, to understand the concept and apply the skills needed in my career.

    H. AhamedRasik
    ESDP (Placement Training)

  • The Project management expert certification program is a must for all professionals working in project management field and it is also a gateway for getting into the project management field since it covers project management concepts and software like MS-Project, ASTA, & Primavera. This certification has given me an opportunity to prove myself as an expert in project management. I thank the Synergy school for designing a course like PME, which is required in all types of industries.

    Kishore Kumar
    Project Management Professional (PMP)®®, MCTS

  • I attended the PME certification Exam. It is definitely a new and preferred initiative from Synergy, which authenticates both conceptual knowledge as well as software knowledge. The questions were highly challenging. I appreciate the efforts of Synergy to create such a course and to frame such a certification.

    Sharmila M
    Project Management Professional (PMP)®®

  • I joined the PG Diploma in Project Planning and Management and subsequently attended the PME exam also. I feel very proud to state that I am a PME certified professional now. Right from the initial day the trainers were highly helpful and guided me to acquire the knowledge in both the software and tools.

    TawfiqAhamed M.A

  • I cleared the PME certificate today and the exam was really challenging which tests the true working knowledge of the students. It was a great experience for me to learn the fundamental Project Management Concepts and Software from Synergy.

    ShyamSundar K

  • You are really a class apart from the crowded REPs in town. I recommend your Project Management Professional (PMP)® preparatory programme to my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for all your support.

    Mr Pagalavan Murugan
    Project Manager, Vox Spectrum

  • I am thankful to you for your immense support throughout the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification course. I wish the Synergy Team, all the very best.

    Santu Bhattacharyya
    Suptd. Engineer, M N Dastur & Company (P) Ltd, Kolkata

  • This refers to the 'ASTA planning software' training course held at our Pune office. Thanks for conducting a three-day training program for us. Your step by step approach helped us in understanding the subjects well.

    You explained the complexities of the planning and scheduling software in a lucid manner within a very short period of time. The overall teaching methodology is good.

    M G Joshi
    Project Head, Duville Estates Pvt.Ltd.

  • Benchmark was very useful for my Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam preparation. The portal helped me pass Project Management Professional (PMP)® in my first attempt. I was also able to secure high proficiency in most knowledge areas. The highlight of Benchmark is it lets the user choose questions either of knowledge area or process groups. I think scoring more than 75% in Benchmark consistently can assure one's success in Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam.

    Palani Senthil Kumar
    Project Manager, Danfoss

  • We thoroughly reviewed the course curriculum of PME. The curriculum will impart students with sound knowledge in PM concepts, 5S concepts, Primavera P6 R8.2, Microsoft Project and ASTA Powerproject. We are looking forward to hiring PME certified candidates for our upcoming projects.

    Palani Velrajan
    Associate Manager-Production Management, Toshiba

  • I reviewed PME program content. Definitely it is first of its kind, as it tests a person's knowledge in both Project Management concepts and leading Project Management tools. Students of this course will be highly in demand, especially in engineering and construction industry.

    Ajith Janardhanan
    MBA, Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Project Management Institute (PMI)® - SP, Sr. Project Controls Engineer, MoH ,Saudi Arabian Parsons Ltd.

  • I went through Synergy's deliverables pertaining to its newly launched Project Management Expert certification program. I am very confident that many existing and aspiring Project Management professional would be thrilled to take up this course.

    I strongly believe that Synergy's PME program provides the right blend of project management concepts and knowledge of tools to apply the concepts and manage projects digitally.

    Wish you and your team all the very best!

    M Ganesh
    Project Manager - Thermax

  • I believe that the PME-certified students can perform from day one, implementing Project Management best practices, implementation, mentoring project/program managers, project controlling, EPPM implementation and PM process, and in Project Portfolio office in major industries in construction, oil & gas, engineering, telecom, IT, and energy sector.

    Industries in these sectors need people who know concepts, processes and usage of software. I wish Synergy all the best.

    Programme Manager with an international bank in India

  • The uniqueness of PME is that it trains students both in project management software and concepts. This is the need of the hour. I wish Synergy all the success with its newly launched program. It will be useful to project management professionals and industry as well.

    Lead Consultant, Wipro Technologies, USA.

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